"Spill May Give Boost To Eco-Theology"

"NEW ORLEANS -- Where would Jesus drill?

Religious leaders who consider environmental protection a godly mission are making the Gulf of Mexico oil spill a rallying cry, hoping it inspires people of faith to support cleaner energy while changing their personal lives to consume less and contemplate more.

'This is one of those rare moments when you can really focus people’s attention on what’s happening to God’s creation,' said Walt Grazer, head of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment.

Activists in the movement -- often described as 'green religion' or 'eco-theology' -- are using blogs and news conferences to get the word out. Some are visiting the Gulf, inspecting oil-spattered wetlands and praying with idled fishers and other victims. And believers in the stricken coastal regions are looking at the consequences of the oil’s reach and asking what good can come out of it.

During worship services on a recent Sunday, Pastor Eddie Painter of Barataria Baptist Church in the fishing village of Lafitte told his congregation a silver lining in the tragedy might be renewed government commitment to restoring the region’s battered coastal marshlands."

John Flesher reports for the Associated Press July 7, 2010.


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Source: AP, 07/08/2010