State of Union 2013: on Climate, Which Obama Will Speak Tuesday Night?

"President Barack Obama’s annual addresses to Congress offer a glimpse at a leader whose rhetoric on energy and the environment has changed dramatically over the past four years -- from his calls to pass sweeping climate legislation in 2009 to a full-throated embrace of natural gas last year."

"The speeches also matched the ebbs and flows in Obama’s political fortunes.

Four years ago, as a popular president with Democratic House and Senate majorities, Obama told Congress that his greenhouse gas proposals would 'transform our economy, protect our security and save our planet from the ravages of climate change.' But in his 2011 State of the Union address following the shellacking of the midterm elections, he didn’t use the word 'climate' even once."

Andrew Restuccia reports for Politico February 9, 2013.


"Plants’ CO2 Emissions Next Likely Target for EPA" (Charleston Gazette)

Source: Politico, 02/11/2013