"Strong Evidence Emerges of BP Oil on Seafloor"

"A university scientist and the federal government say they have found persuasive evidence that oil from the massive Gulf of Mexico spill is settling on the ocean floor.

The new findings, from scientists at the University of South Florida and from a broad government effort, mark the latest indication that environmental damage from the blowout of a BP PLC well could be significant where it's hardest to find: deep under the Gulf's surface.

The amount of oil that has settled in the sediment—and the extent of damage it has caused—remains unclear. But scientists who have been on research cruises in the Gulf in recent days report finding layers of residue up to several centimeters thick from what they suspect is BP oil."

Jeffrey Ball reports for the Wall Street Journal December 9, 2010.


"Gulf Oil Spill Kill Zone, 80-Square Miles In Size, Found Near BP Well" (Huffington Post)

Source: Wall St. Journal, 12/09/2010