"Survey Shows Shark Fin Soup a Local Delicacy, International Problem"

"CHICAGO -- At Ming Hin Cuisine in Chicago's Chinatown, a giant shark fin decorates the wall in the main dining room, and shark fin soup is offered on the banquet menu for customers willing to pay the price."

"While a typical banquet might run $30 to $40 per person, adding the dish raises that cost to $80.

'It's very popular with older people, especially for wedding parties and baby showers,' said Ling Liu, the restaurant's manager. 'It's impressive.'

But that status as a delicacy has contributed to what many consider a threatened shark population across the globe. To draw attention to the issue, a study to be released Thursday shows that endangered shark species are being consumed in those soups."

Vikki Ortiz Healt and Ted Gregory report for the Chicago Tribune August 8, 2012.


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Source: Chicago Tribune, 08/10/2012