"Tax Credits for Energy Industry Are Under Scrutiny"

"AUSTIN — Susan Combs, the state comptroller, stirred controversy last month when she said Texas’ growing wind energy industry should 'stand on its own two feet.'

'Billions of dollars of tax credits and property tax limitations on new generation helped grow the industry, but today they give it an unfair market advantage over other power sources,' said Ms. Combs, a Republican, upon the release of a study meant to illustrate how energy policy affects Texans’ wallets.

The 15-page report described wind power as a massive strain on taxpayer dollars. It cited state property tax reductions, a generous federal production tax credit and a nearly $7 billion power line build-out geared toward adding wind to the grid."

Jim Malewitz reports for the New York Times October 18, 2014.

Source: NY Times, 10/20/2014