"As Technology Marches On, Reservoir Caretakers Stay At Their Posts"

"As technology advances, many industries are being disrupted by increased automation. But when it comes to managing and protecting the water supply, there are many tasks that still require a combination of people and technology.

That's where reservoir caretakers come in. Some cities and counties employ these workers to live in remote locations and watch over the water supply.

Doug Billingsley is one of those caretakers. While lots of us start our workday staring at a computer screen, his typical day begins with a snowmobile ride that feels like a bucking bronco. By snowmobile, snowshoe or foot, he looks after about a half dozen northern Colorado reservoirs that feed the city of Greeley's water supply. He does it multiple times a week. And he's done the job for two decades."

Grace Hood reports for NPR's Morning Edition January 5, 2016.

Source: NPR, 01/05/2016