"Tesoro Detected Anomalies on North Dakota Line Before Spill"

"Tesoro Logistics LP detected anomalies during an inspection of its 20-year-old North Dakota pipeline just days before the line ruptured and spilled 20,600 barrels of oil onto farmland, the company said on Thursday."

"The six-inch pipeline was carrying Bakken oil to the Stampede rail facility outside Columbus, North Dakota, when it ruptured. A farmer harvesting wheat discovered oil spouting from the line on September 29.

A robot, known as a 'smart pig,' detected anomalies during what Tesoro called routine internal inspections of the pipeline September 10 and 11."

Selam Gebrekidan reports for Reuters October 17, 2013.


"North Dakota Officials Might Finally Spill Details About Oil Spill" (Grist)

Source: Reuters, 10/18/2013