"The Toxic Colorado River Spill And the Menace of Old Hard-Rock Mines"

"Keena Kimmel's bookshop occupies a cozy curve along the Animas River, a place of wild sunflowers and lilacs where fisherman try their luck and kayakers glide under iron bridges. But this weekend the river was empty and Kimmel's heart broken.

'Years ago I was passing through on the way to Oregon and ended up staying because it was so beautiful,' she said, gazing over the vacant waters. 'I can't believe what's happened. I guess I'm still kind of in shock.'

Shock, sadness and anger have gripped this pretty college town in southwestern Colorado as residents struggle to understand the slow-moving environmental disaster that has transformed their crystal clear Animas River — or the River of Souls, translated from its Spanish name — into a ribbon of mustard yellow sludge."

David Kelly reports for the Los Angeles Times August 10, 2015.



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Source: LA Times, 08/11/2015