"Transport Canada Lifts Speed Limit In Gulf Of St. Lawrence"

"With no right whales in sight, and human safety at risk, officials undo summertime restriction"

"Transport Canada has lifted the speed limit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, five months after the restriction was put in place to prevent further right whale deaths.

The speed restriction was removed 'to ensure ships can maintain manoeuvrability in winter conditions and for the safety of those operating in Canadian waters,' Transport Canada Minister Marc Garneau said in a release Thursday.

The restriction was also lifted because North Atlantic right whales have not been seen in the gulf since the beginning of December, and are not expected when pack ice is present, said Delphine Denis, spokeswoman for the federal minister of transport, in an email."

Cody MacKay reports for CBC News January 12, 2018.

Source: CBC News, 01/17/2018