"Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Push Ignores Some Important Realities"

"Market forces are calling the shots on fossil and renewable energies, analysts say, and the risks as other countries rein in carbon emissions can’t be ignored."

"Mainstream experts in energy policy and finance reacted skeptically to the White House's carefully orchestrated energy policy hootenanny this week, as President Donald Trump and his Cabinet declared what he called 'a golden age of American energy dominance.'

Several analysts said the phrase betrayed an insubstantial and simplistic way of looking at the complex issues of energy markets, technology trends, climate risks and regulatory trade-offs that make up the nation's energy policy landscape.

It does little more than put old rhetorical wine in new bottles, they said."

Marianne Lavelle and John H. Cushman Jr. report for InsideClimate News June 29, 2017.


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Source: InsideClimate News, 06/30/2017