Trump Says Budget Has More Money For Wildfire Prevention. It Doesn’t.

"WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump says in his budget that he’s asking for the highest amount ever for certain wildfire prevention programs. His proposal actually contains less money for wildfire prevention efforts than the current federal spending plan.

It’s a small difference, just $6 million out of about $1.4 billion for wildfire prevention programs managed by the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But, it would be a cut if Congress approves it.

Meanwhile, Trump’s budget would increase money that could contribute to harvesting timber and clearing trees. Trump has encouraged more logging in the past year. He publicly blames California and environmental groups for lax forest management on federal lands, where it is the responsibility of the federal government."

Kate Irby and Emily Cadei report for McClatchy March 13, 2019.


"Trump's Proposed Budget Would Devastate National Parks" (Outside)

Source: McClatchy, 03/14/2019