"Trying To Kill Mosquitoes? Don’t Buy A Bug Zapper."

"Every night, a mass murderer stalks the darkness of America’s suburbs. An eerie blue glow lures hapless victims from their homes. The doomed souls, mesmerized by the light, throng to their deaths in sizzling blasts of electricity.

I’m talking about the bug zapper. Many people use the device to rid themselves of mosquitoes and other pests. “Kill flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and wasps,” touts Black and Decker. Flowtron will help eliminate flying pests over up to “2 acres” for just $315. Another advertises itself as an “eco-friendly” way to “instantly kill” mosquitoes.

The problem? None of these claims are true, scientists say. In fact, bug zappers make it more likely you’ll be bitten by mosquitoes while sitting in your backyard."

Michael J. Coren reports for the Washington Post September 12, 2023.

Source: Washington Post, 09/13/2023