TX Group Says Textbook Publishers Pressured to Change Climate Lessons

"Publishers producing high school biology textbooks that could be used in classrooms across Texas are being pressured to water down lessons on evolution and climate change, a progressive watchdog group said Monday."

"The State Board of Education is considering new science books which, if adopted, could be used by some Texas public school students, as well as schools in other states, for a decade. The board will hold a public hearing on the books next week.

Board members rely on citizen review committees that can raise objections to the new books before the approval process begins. Books that fail to receive full endorsements from review boards may be harder for publishers to sell to school districts -- and might even be rejected outright by the Board of Education.

Using a public records request submitted to the state education agency, the Texas Freedom Network, a nonprofit that monitors the board of education, released the reviewers' objections to the textbooks."

Will Weissert reports for NBCDFW Channel 5, September 10, 2013.

Source: NBCDFW 5, 09/11/2013