UK: Government Cuts Solar Subsidies To Reduce Green Energy Costs

"Proposed measures include cutting aid to small-scale solar power installations, with option of ending subsidies for roof-top panels earlier than expected".

"The government has unveiled sweeping plans to cut subsidies to the renewable energy sector, saying costs are out of control and the consumer must be protected from soaring bills.

The measures are more draconian than expected and Greenpeace argued it would badly damage investment and crush the credibility of David Cameron’s government on tackling climate change.

Following an earlier assault on onshore wind farms, solar energy and power generated by biomass – wood pellets and plants – are now in the main line of fire. The government proposals include removing a guaranteed level of subsidy for coal-powered plants that were to be converted to green energy."
Terry Macalister reports for the Guardian July 22, 2015.

Source: Guardian, 07/22/2015