"U.N. Agency Frets Over Climate's Role in Expanding Refugee Crises"

"UNITED NATIONS -- A five-year report out [Thursday] from a U.N. refugee agency goes to great lengths to say climate change is likely to increase human displacement among nations. What is less clear in the report is what can be done about it."

"The report, from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), found that human traffic from armed conflict has over the past five years been compounded by climate change, natural disasters, population growth, urbanization and dwindling resources. Refugee troubles are most present in places like Sudan, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where complex crises have often been spawned by war and weak governance merging with drought or floods.

Those factors combined into a kind of perfect storm for refugees in 2011, when more humans were on the move than ever before. Last year brought the globe's total number of people forced to flee their homes to about 43 million, mostly in the developing world."

Colin Sullivan reports for ClimateWire June 1, 2012.

Source: ClimateWire, 06/04/2012