UN Climate Talks Are Focusing On The Contagious Effect On Human Health

"DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — With Planet Earth running a fever, U.N. climate talks focused Sunday on the contagious effects on human health.

Under a brown haze over Dubai, the COP28 summit moved past two days of lofty rhetoric and calls for unity from top leaders to concerns about health issues like the deaths of at least 7 million people globally from air pollution each year and the spread of diseases like cholera and malaria as global warming upends weather systems.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it’s high time for the U.N. Conference of Parties on climate to hold its first “Health Day” in its 28th edition, saying the threats to health from climate change were “immediate and present.”"

Jamey Keaten reports for the Associated Press December 3, 2023.


"COP28 Summit: Cow Burps, Food Waste In Focus On Agriculture Day" (Reuters)

Source: AP, 12/04/2023