"UN Framework on Sustainable Growth Becomes a Flash Point"

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The United Nations is haunting California's El Dorado County."


Critics of a 20-year-old U.N. document called Agenda 21 are becoming more vocal, blaming it for any number of ills in the county.

Agenda 21 came out of a United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It recommends a framework for nations to develop and grow sustainably - that is, with minimum damage to the environment.

Although it was accepted by Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, it carries no force of law here.

According to local critics, however, Agenda 21 is environmental extremism responsible for U.S. Forest Service road closures, onerous regulations on family farms, high-density low-income housing projects, a ban on dredge mining, a Highway 50 wildlife crossing, unemployment and maybe even traffic roundabouts."

Carlos Alcala reports for the Sacramento Bee/McClatchy June 3, 2012.


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Source: Sacramento Bee, 06/06/2012