"Unusually Warm Weather Causes Problems at Iditarod"

"Mushers at the Iditarod, the annual nearly 1,000-mile sled-dog race across Alaska, are complaining that the unusually warm weather is causing dangerous conditions along the course.

“It’s the roughest I’ve ever seen,” said Jeff King, who has finished the race 22 times, to Think Progress.

With several crashes, busted knees, sprained ankles and damaged equipment, several of the 69 mushers that started are already out of the race.

Know as “the Last Great Race,” the Iditarod begins in Anchorage on the first Saturday of March and ends when the first racer arrives in Nome, on the Bering Sea coast, nine to 12 days after starting. The 2014 Iditarod officially began last Saturday in Anchorage with a ceremonial start, and kicked off in earnest on Sunday afternoon from Willow."

Laura Sesana reports for Arbiter News March 6, 2014.


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Source: Arbiter News, 03/07/2014