"U.S. Delays Final Call on Keystone XL Pipeline"

"WASHINGTON — The State Department will delay its decision on construction of the Keystone XL pipeline until it has a clearer idea of how legal challenges to the pipeline’s route through Nebraska will be settled, State Department officials said Friday.

Both supporters and opponents of the pipeline criticized the delay as a political ploy aimed at punting the final call on the divisive project until after the midterm elections in November.

The 1,700-mile pipeline, which would carry crude oil from the Alberta oil sands in Canada to Gulf Coast refineries, has emerged as an issue in the battle for control of the Senate. Vulnerable Democratic incumbents from oil-rich states, like Senators Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana, who is chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, and Mark Begich of Alaska, have urged President Obama to approve the pipeline."

Coral Davenport reports for the New York Times April 18, 2014.


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Source: NY Times, 04/21/2014