"U.S., EU, Reject Brazilian Call for Climate Equity Metric"

"The U.S. and European Union blocked a proposal supported by 130 nations including Brazil and China that would use pollution levels dating back to the industrial revolution to help set limits on emissions in the future."

"Australia and Canada joined in opposing discussion of the plan when it was introduced Nov. 11 at the start of two weeks of United Nations-sponsored talks Warsaw. Developing nations are still pressing for it to be included in the discussions, said Ambassador Jose Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho, the lead envoy for Brazil, which authored the plan.

'They flatly reject that possibility of at least discussing it,' Marcondes de Carvalho said in an interview yesterday. 'Our proposal is meant to make available for countries a metric of their historical responsibility in terms of temperature rise. It would be one of the elements in the future agreement.'"

Alex Morales reports for Bloomberg November 14, 2013.


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Source: Bloomberg, 11/15/2013