"U.S. Plans To Drop Gray Wolves From Endangered List"

"The planned ruling would eliminate protection for the top predators, but scientists and conservationists say the proposal is flawed."

"Federal authorities intend to remove endangered species protections for all gray wolves in the Lower 48 states, carving out an a exception for a small pocket of about 75 Mexican wolves in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, according to a draft document obtained by The Times."

"The sweeping rule by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would eliminate protection for wolves 18 years after the government reestablished the predators in the West, where they had been hunted to extinction. Their reintroduction was a success, with the population growing to the thousands.

But their presence has always drawn protests across the Intermountain West from state officials, hunters and ranchers who lost livestock to the wolves. They have lobbied to remove the gray wolf from the endangered list."

Julie Cart reports for the Los Angeles Times April 25, 2013.

Source: LA Times, 04/26/2013