US Police Ignore Death Threats Against Exonerated Climate Scientists

"Climate scientists in the US say police inaction has left them defenceless in the face of a torrent of death threats and hate mail, leaving them fearing for their lives and one to contemplate arming himself with a handgun.

The scientists say the threats have increased since the furore over leaked emails from the University of East Anglia began last November, and a sample of the hate mail sent in recent months and seen by the Guardian reveals the scale and vitriolic tone of the abuse.

The scientists revealed they have been told to 'go gargle razor blades' and have been described as 'Nazi climate murderers'. Some emails have been sent to them without any attempt by the sender to disguise their identity. Even though the scientists have received advice from the FBI, the local police say they are not able to act due to the near-total tolerance of 'freedom of speech' in the US."

Leo Hickman reports for the UK Guardian July 5, 2010.

Source: Guardian, 07/06/2010