"US Toxic Chemical Releases Climbed 8% in 2021, EPA Report Says"

"The US saw an 8% increase in toxic chemicals industries released into the environment or sent for hazardous waste disposal in 2021 over the previous year, the Environmental Protection Agency reported Thursday.

The data doesn’t cover all toxic chemical releases but rather the nearly 800 chemicals tracked by more than 21,000 facilities required to report the pollution each year to the EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory. The latest TRI report shows a long-term trend of declining chemical releases, which are down 10% from a decade ago."

Dean Scott reports for Bloomberg Environment March 16, 2023.


"Toxic Chemical Releases in 2021 Remained Below Pre-Pandemic Levels According to New Toxics Release Inventory Data" (EPA release)

"2021 TRI National Analysis" (EPA)

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 03/17/2023