"Warming May Mean More Toxic Algae Blooms for Lake Erie"

"Toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie could come more often and be more intense in coming decades thanks in part to torrential rains intensified by global warming, according to a study published in Monday’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

"Heavy runoff from farmland, say the authors, can carry nutrient-rich fertilizer into the western part of the lake, triggering a population explosion of blue-green algae that pump poisons while they live and can rob the water of oxygen when they die and decompose.

And according to the study, if farming practices stay the same, the millions of people who depend on Lake Erie for drinking water and recreation — and by extension, those who depend on the other Great Lakes as well — could see water quality degrade significantly."

Michael D. Lemonick reports for Climate Central April 1, 2013.


"Lake Erie: Big Algae Problems, More To Come" (Christian Science Monitor)

Source: Climate Central, 04/02/2013