Water Usage In S. Calif. Rose, Despite Newsom's Call To Cut Back: Data

"Water usage in parts of Southern California increased in July but saw a minor reduction statewide as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) requested that residents cut back amid a historic drought, according to new state data released Tuesday.

The State Water Resources Control Board data showed that water usage in California decreased by only 1.8 percent in July, which the Los Angeles Times noted was equal to the amount that was reduced at the same point last year.

Water use increased by 0.7 percent in Los Angeles and by 1.3 percent in San Diego, according to the state data.

The numbers indicate that California residents were unsuccessful in meeting Newsom’s goal announced in early July to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 15 percent compared to 2020 levels."

Celine Castronuovo reports for The Hill September 22, 2021.


"Despite Newsom’s Call To Cut Water Use, L.A. And San Diego Didn’t Conserve in July" (Los Angeles Times)

Source: The Hill, 09/23/2021