"Weather Center: 50 Percent Chance of El Nino Later This Year"

"There is a 50 percent chance the feared El Nino weather pattern which can trigger droughts in Southeast Asia and Australia and floods in South America may strike later this year, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center warned on Thursday."

"In its strongest prediction so far that El Nino could emerge, the CPC said conditions are still expected to be neutral between June and August, but there is a 50 percent likelihood that El Nino will develop in the remainder of the year.

The CPC issues an El Nino watch when conditions are favorable for the coming six months. In its last update in May, it said it was still uncertain if it would develop."

Josephine Mason reports for Reuters June 8, 2012.


"U.S. Issues El Niño Watch, Which Could Mean Fewer Hurricanes, Colder Winter" (the two-way/NPR)

Source: Reuters, 06/08/2012