"'We're All Maui': Climate Change Tests Emergency Alert Systems Across US"

"A fire suddenly swallows a Hawaiian town, killing scores. Wildfire smoke from Canada unexpectedly drifts across the U.S. Northeast, choking millions. Record rains surprise Vermont, triggering landslides.

This summer has been one of weather extremes across the United States, a season of intense heat waves, torrential storms and runaway wildfires that have tested how well prepared public safety officials and the emergency warning systems they oversee are for the changing climate."

Brad Brooks and Julia Harte report for Reuters August 26, 2023.


"A Terrifying Fire Struck Maui In 2018. Officials Were Warned Of A Repeat." (Washington Post)

"As Fires And Floods Rage, Facebook And Twitter Are Missing In Action" (Washington Post)

Source: Reuters, 08/28/2023