"West Coast Contemplates the Calm Before the Storm"

"Superstorm Sandy killed 80 people on the U.S. East Coast while entire neighbourhoods, including Lower Manhattan, were flooded. Power failures affected 4.6 million homes and there was an estimated $50 billion in damage. While B.C. is not prone to hurricanes, climate change experts say the province will likely see similar violent weather, including more frequent, more intense storms as the planet gets warmer."

"'We're going to see things like Sandy, where you get complex, extreme events that take us into damages that we've never even imagined could possibly happen,' said Deborah Harford, executive director of the Adapt to Climate Change Team at Simon Fraser University.

'In Sandy, you got a combination of king tide, warm ocean temperatures which raise the ocean and make it more volatile, massive storm surge and a weather front coming from the other direction. You've got a perfect storm of issues that included a clear responsibility of warming because of the ocean temperature.'"

Tracy Sherlock reports for the Vancouver Sun December 11, 2012.

Source: Vancouver Sun, 12/13/2012