"West Coast Shellfish Hit By Giant Toxic Algae Bloom"

"The West Coast is experiencing the largest bloom of toxic algae in more than a decade, prompting wide-ranging closures of commercial crab and shellfish harvesting.

It’s also causing some very weird behavior in marine wildlife.  

Wildlife managers spotted a sea lion on the southern Washington coast that was arching its back and having seizures. They had to euthanize it.

The animal had eaten some sort of marine life that was contaminated with a type of neurotoxin produced by the algae, Pseudo-nitzchia. If people eat shellfish or crab meat contaminated with it, they can also suffer seizures, short term memory loss and even death."

Ashley Ahearn reports for KUOW/EarthFix June 18, 2015.


"Toxic Algae Bloom Might Be Largest Ever" (Seattle Times)

Source: EarthFix/KUOW, 06/19/2015