"What Happens When the White House Press Corps Seizes the Agenda?"

"To get the public to move on climate change, President Obama won't just need to end-run Congress. He'll need to end-run his own press corps, too. A news analysis."

"There's an adorably naïve tendency among many who live and breathe environmental issues – journalists, scientists, advocates – to presume that reason, backed by science, will rule the day, any day now.

I recommend either one of two easy cures for this: Watch an hour of Fox News, America's most-watched cable news network by a long shot. Or do what I did earlier this week: Watch the White House press corps.

Climate change was ostensibly the Story of the Day for Monday's daily briefing: White House Counselor John Podesta, the administration's climate point man, headlined the affair. He showed slides and took questions for 24 minutes before being whisked away, with reporters invited to continue the dialogue with Press Secretary Jay Carney.

To be fair, the climate questions were both logical and appropriate, with not a dumb one in the bunch: Fracking, climate denial, infrastructure and more.

But with one exception, they ended when Podesta left the room. Led by its TV correspondents, the White House press had bigger fish to fry than the mere Earth itself.

That's right. It was Benghazi time."

Peter Dykstra reports for The Daily Climate May 9, 2014.


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Source: Daily Climate, 05/09/2014