What’s Behind Big Oil’s Promises of Emissions Cuts? Lots of Wiggle Room

"Here’s what the major fossil fuel companies are committing to do on climate change, and how that falls far short of what’s needed."

"The oil and gas industry seems to have entered a state of cognitive dissonance. Like never before, energy companies are publicly acknowledging the threat posed by climate change and the need for society to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, oil and gas production in the U.S. and globally continues to soar.

Major oil companies have announced a series of commitments to reduce their emissions, even as they continue to invest in new projects that will boost production of the very fossil fuels that are driving climate change.

This tension has given rise to statements that seem to defy logic. In October, Michael Rubio, Chevron's general manager for environmental, social and governance engagement, told The New York Times that 'you can increase your fossil-fuel production, deliver superior returns for your shareholders, and still be compliant with Paris.'"

Nicholas Kusnetz reports for InsideClimate News December 30, 2019.

Source: InsideClimate News, 01/03/2020