"When Political Refugees Become Climate Refugees"

"As climate change drives more displacement, many of the most vulnerable Latin American migrants are moving from one risky place to another."

"Climate change has emerged as an increasingly forceful driver of migration in Latin America, one that exacerbates the humanitarian crisis for people fleeing social, economic and political instability. Mayors in the region cited this collision of migrations as a top concern at the recent Cities Summit of the Americas in Denver, as some cities absorb new residents they are ill-equipped to support, while others struggle to retain population.

Rising temperatures and extreme weather stand to increase the number of displaced families not only by making entire neighborhoods vulnerable to disaster, but also by threatening food and water security — and upending people’s livelihoods. In some cases, some of the most socioeconomically vulnerable migrants end up moving from one risky area to another.

“Where do they find a home? They encroach on  areas that are the most vulnerable to climate change,” said Mayor Jaime Pumarejo of Barranquilla, Colombia."

Linda Poon reports for Bloomberg CityLab May 31, 2023.

Source: Bloomberg CityLab, 06/02/2023