When Trump EPA Needed a Climate Scientist, They Called on John Christy

"As the Trump administration went about weakening vehicle fuel economy standards earlier this year, the climatologist John Christy made his own calculations of how the change would affect Earth's climate.

His conclusion: Not at all.

In an analysis he put together for the Environmental Protection Agency's elite board of outside science advisors, of which he was a member, Christy argued that Earth's climate simply wasn't that sensitive to changes in carbon dioxide. So neither the weakened federal standards, nor California's tougher standards, which the Administration repealed as part of its rollback, would make any difference. "

Marianne Lavelle of InsideClimate News and Dennis Pillion of AL.COM report November 2, 2020.


"Trump’s Attacks on Climate Science Are Coming to Fruition" (WIRED)

Source: InsideClimate News, 11/03/2020