WHO Launches Study After Microplastics Found In 90% Of Bottled Water

"Researchers find levels of plastic fibres in popular bottled water brands could be twice as high as those found in tap water"

"The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced a review into the potential risks of plastic in drinking water after a new analysis of some of the world’s most popular bottled water brands found that more than 90% contained tiny pieces of plastic. A previous study also found high levels of microplastics in tap water.

In the new study, analysis of 259 bottles from 19 locations in nine countries across 11 different brands found an average of 325 plastic particles for every litre of water being sold.

Concentrations were as high as 10,000 plastic pieces for every litre of water. Of the 259 bottles tested, only 17 were free of plastics, according to the study."

Graham Readfearn reports for the Guardian March 14, 2019.


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Source: Guardian, 03/15/2018