"Will California’s Big Melt Be A Slow-Moving Disaster?"

"Good news: California has a near-record snowpack in the Sierra, which could ease the impact of our deep drought. Bad news: There’s a heat wave coming this week. Really bad news: If the snow melts too fast, it could help cause devastating floods in the Central Valley.

Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom went to Tulare Lake to survey the damage, speak to officials about safety plans and address potential threats from an issue he called “profound and existential.” ...

On the way, the governor sat down with residents from Allensworth, California’s first town founded by Black Americans, which was threatened by this year’s unprecedented rains, to discuss emergency preparedness.  

Thousands of farmers, workers and residents near Tulare Lake have already faced flooding, and the threat of even more damage has officials and residents on edge. Many have been frustrated with the state’s slow response, according to Nicole Foy of CalMatter’s California Divide team, who monitored the governor’s Tuesday press event."

Lynn La reports for CalMatters April 26, 2023.

Source: CalMatters, 04/27/2023