"Wind Industry Lobbies for Tax-Credit Extension"

"So far 2011 has been a good year f0or wind energy projects. Installations in the first six months of 2011 were almost double what they were in the comparable period in 2010 in terms of total megawatts (2,151 versus 1,250), according to the American Wind Energy Association. But a bipartisan coalition of 24 state governors, fretting that the industry could lose momentum, has already begun lobbying the Obama administration to improve business conditions for wind energy developers."

"In a letter, the Governors Wind Energy Coalition recently urged President Obama to support several industry-specific measures like extending the production tax credit, a federal tax incentive that proponents say is vital to the industry’s progress."

Jim Witkin reports for the New York Times' Green blog September 6, 2011.


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Source: Green (NYT), 09/08/2011