Wyoming Will Disclose Drilling Chemical Documents to Public

"Despite vigorous opposition from industry, it appears [Wyoming] state regulators and the general public will have broad access to documents detailing chemicals used in oil and gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing and other drilling operations.

Wyoming is set to implement new rules forcing the oil and gas industry to reveal such information beginning Sept. 15.

While the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission doesn't plan to make special efforts to compile and present the information to the public, agency officials say the information will be readily available.

Operators must disclose the information within regular permitting, sundry and other documentation they submit to the agency. The documentation is listed on a well-by-well basis on the commission's website (wogcc.state.wy.us)."

Dustin Bleizeffer reports for the Casper Star-Tribune August 30, 2010.

Source: Casper Star-Tribune, 08/31/2010