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Every presidential administration tries to influence the press — and sometimes can even stand in the way of reporters doing their jobs. But no previous administration has ever labeled reporters the “enemy of the people,” as President Trump has done, over and over again.

As the Trump administration has tried to block reporters from covering events at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or let political appointees call the shots on interviews with Interior Department scientists, the Society of Environmental Journalists has made sure that those attempts to block press freedom don’t go unchallenged.

And when The Boston Globe called on news organizations across the country to stand up to President Trump’s bullying, SEJ’s Freedom of Information Task Force was one of more than 350 to join in, with a statement condemning the president’s attacks on the news media and standing up for journalists everywhere.

Thanks to the volunteer members of our Freedom of Information Task Force, SEJ has confronted dozens of challenges to press freedom in recent years, in the United States and beyond. We've jumped in to defend journalists reporting on Standing Rock, photographers working in National Forests and publications awaiting FOIA requests.

SEJ is proud to defend the crucial work of environmental reporters. With your continued support, we’ll keep speaking out in 2019.

— SEJ Freedom of Information Task Force


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