In Memoriam: SEJ Mourns the Passing of Flint Resident Jassmine McBride Who Shared Her Story with Us

"Jassmine McBride was 26 when she got Legionnaires’ disease in Flint in 2014. Asked what help and support she’s gotten from the city, the state, the hospital since then, she and her mom say, at the same time, 'nothing'."

— GroundTruth Project (@GroundTruth) October 4, 2018


Jassmine McBride
Courtesy of Sheldon T. Banks Funeral Chapel - Flint

Flint resident Jassmine McBride, a speaker on the "Flint: Environmental Injustice in Context" tour during SEJ's 28th annual conference last October, passed away February 12, 2019, at the age of 30. Tour attendees visited her home, where she shared the story of her battle with Legionnaire's disease, contracted in 2014 during the Flint water crisis.

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"Flint not only struggled w/ high lead levels in water but the community had been plagued w/ bacterial issues since 2014 leaving some dead and others left to deal with the aftermath and health issues. Jassmine McBride was one of those residents. She died Feb. 12."

Jiquanda Johnson, Founder, Publisher and Editor,, and SEJ tour co-leader