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May 15, 1994

  • In this issue: Fading mags: Environmental publications fall on hard times, reassess market; Mainstream reporters miss environmental justice story...for the complete hotlinked table of contents, click on the journal cover.

January 15, 1994

  • In this issue: Duke conference: Babbitt, Browner, McGinty headlined program that drew 400 to Durham; Survey probes journalists, student knowledge of global warming data...for the complete hotlinked table of contents, click on the journal cover.

May 15, 1993

  • In this issue: Drawing the line: Ethics determine who reporters are; Parke named executive director; It's all right to care, but play it straight...for the complete hotlinked table of contents, click on the journal cover.

February 15, 1993

  • In this issue: Clinton admin: A look ahead and back at his environmental record; endangered species coverage; Environmental Reporting Forum's new handbook; environmental racism and diversity issues; more.


November 15, 1992

  • In this issue: The religion thing: When God is green; Doing projects on the cheap ; Second SEJ conference adds speakers; much more.


August 15, 1992

  • In this issue: Political season: best clue to a candidate's environmental politics is watching for the flip-flops, gaffes and fine print; Terrors of the Earth Summit as experienced by one reporter; and more.


May 15, 1992

  • In this issue: It's academic: graduate programs offer time for deeper insight; Newspapers find readers hungry for more environmental news; One-day workshops can make a big difference; more.


February 15, 1992

  • In this issue: The tough times: Reporters under assault by critics and economy; Environment radio blossoms but struggles; Environment beat hangs tough in big TV markets; and much more.


November 15, 1991

  • In this issue: The first conference: Inaugural SEJ gathering draws 250 to Boulder; Coverage of military contamination in N.J. a textbook example of dogged reporting; SEJ members elect new board, amend bylaws; more.


May 15, 1991

  • In this issue: War and recession: reporters still optimistic on job security, future; U.S. Senator Tim Wirth, host of experts slated for first SEJ national conference; a reporter's reflections on Kuwait 's devastation; traffic in rare plants and animals; indispensable reference texts; more.