FEDS to Release Vehicle Mileage Data

September 26, 2007

Vehicle fuel economy is a major component of the ongoing energy and carbon discussions, so it's helpful to know how the current models are performing. A tally of the latest numbers, for model-year 2008, is expected to be released by EPA and the Dept. of Energy some time in October 2007. Additional information on timing may be available from the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 877-337-3463.

  • Fuel Economy Guide. It includes a link to information published Aug. 1, 2007, for some 2008 model-year vehicles already on sales lots. Elsewhere on the page, the search tool allows you to get some fairly detailed information, including estimates of annual greenhouse gas emissions, for the vehicles that are posted.

The 2008 model year is the first to have its economy ratings reflect EPA's revised calculation method. The new method generally lowers estimated fuel economy for most vehicles, by about 10-30%, and is expected to better reflect what happens in the real world. The new estimates will be included on a redesigned sticker placed on all new vehicles.

However, vehicle manufacturers will still be allowed to use the old inflated numbers when they calculate their average fleet mileage to see if they meet federal minimum standards, according to a Sept. 16, 2007, New York Times article by Cheryl Jensen.


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