Access To Agency Scientists Shrinks. Congress May Change That

July 24, 2019

"Bobby Magill knows all too well the challenge of getting a federal agency scientist on the phone for an interview on deadline.

The president of the Society of Environmental Journalists, who is also an energy and public lands reporter at Bloomberg Environment, has been reporting on public lands issues since the George W. Bush administration.

Over the years, starting under President Obama, Magill had noticed a shift in how certain agencies allowed their researchers to respond to media requests.

'I tell you it varies by agency. Speaking from my own experience, access to experts within agencies is extraordinarily difficult to gain,' he said.

'I've been told by researchers there that they are not allowed to talk to press without prior authorization from D.C.,' he said."

Niina H. Farah reports for Greenwire July 18, 2019.


"Protections For Federal Scientists Face Uncertainty On Hill" (ClimateWire)

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