SEJ Webinar: Covering a Crisis: Climate, Coronavirus and Global (In)Action


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How should the media cover a crisis? Join us as we launch SEJ's 2020 webinar series with a discussion of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that could inform how journalists, scientists and advocates communicate about and address climate change.
With Earth Day's 50th anniversary just around the corner, we’re asking how our coverage and communication of environmental and health crises has evolved. Global action to tackle climate change and COVID-19 have both been thwarted by a lack of political will and impeded by misinformation. How can journalists inform their audiences in ways that support constructive decision-making rather than apathy or paralysis? How should journalists respond when misinformation comes directly from policymakers or major news networks? And how will changes in our approach to crises and misinformation factor into our coverage of these issues as we approach the 2020 election?

Join us for this webinar on Thursday, April 2, 2020 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. ET.
All journalists welcome.


  • Denis Hayes, Board Chair Emeritus, The Earth Day Network; President and CEO, The Bullitt Foundation
  • Katharine Hayhoe, Professor of Political Science, Texas Tech University
  • Alice Hill, Senior Fellow for Climate Change Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
  • John Mecklin, Editor-in-Chief, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists



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