DEADLINE: Alfred Friendly Press Partners Fellowship Opportunities

Event Date: 
August 31, 2022

Alfred Friendly Press Partners Fellowship Opportunities have varying deadlines.

General Fellowship
Early-career professional journalists from developing countries with proficiency in English can apply for a six-month fellowship. Alfred Friendly provides fellows with basic and advanced hands-on instruction at the Missouri School of Journalism and places them in leading U.S. newsrooms. The successful candidate will be 25-35 years old and have at least three years of experience as a journalist at a print, online or broadcast media outlet. Participants work as staff reporters in their host newsrooms are required to develop training plans that they implement when they return to their home newsrooms. ​The ​all-inclusive ​fellowship starts in mid-March and ends in early September. Deadline for applications: Aug 31, 2022

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project Investigative Reporting Fellowship
The overall goal of the OCCRP in this partnership with Alfred Friendly is to strengthen investigative reporting in South Asia by ensuring journalists have the capacity to expose corruption, inform citizens, and empower the public to push for greater government accountability and transparency. This involves creating a network of journalists doing cross-border investigations both in the region and beyond, as well as creating a platform consisting of technology, research and security support necessary for investigative work. Participants must be accomplished investigative reporters from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, or Sri Lanka aged 25-35. Deadline for applications: Nov 11, 2021

TRACE Investigative Reporting Fellowship
TRACE and Alfred Friendly share the belief in the power of investigative journalism to hold the powerful accountable and strengthen democracies. TRACE sponsored its first Fellow in 2019, a reporter from Russia placed at The Wall Street Journal. In 2020, TRACE sponsored two fellowships for journalists dedicated to investigative reporting. TRACE, through its Foundation, supports projects that encourage greater commercial transparency. The TRACE Foundation was established to promote, support and fund research, investigative journalism, publications, videos and related projects that encourage greater commercial transparency and advance anti-bribery education. Deadline for applications: Sep 16, 2022

Daniel Pearl Fellowship (Note: The Daniel Pearl Foundation has suspended operations and will not be offering Daniel Pearl Fellowships in 2021.)

Sharing the same goals, the Daniel Pearl Foundation partnered with Press Partners in 2003 to offer special fellowships to honor the life and work of journalist Daniel Pearl, The Wall Street Journal South Asia bureau chief who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. Daniel Pearl Fellows – 12  from Pakistan, four from Egypt, two from Malaysia and one from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen – have worked at the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, ProPublica, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post (DC bureau), and The Wall Street Journal (Atlanta, New York and DC bureaus), along with smaller news outlets such as The Berkshire Eagle/North Adams Transcript.


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