DEADLINE: Fellowships for Translating Science/Telling Stories: "Agriculture, Water Quality & Changing the Climate Conversation"

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June 1, 2012


















Announcing a Second Fellowship Opportunity
for Journalists AND Scientists


July 9-10, 2012 (with an opening dinner on July 8th)

Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI

Application Deadline: May 25th

The scientific community has spoken loud and clear – anthropogenic climate change is here, it’s affecting our world and worse impacts are on the way. Across the globe, people grapple with climate change impacts and governments, municipalities and insurance companies scramble to prepare for sea-level rise, extreme rainfall, droughts and wildfire. Despite all of this, political and public concern has nearly evaporated.

What happened? How can this disconnect be explained? And how can journalists and scientists raise the level of discussion in this “age of information” without compromising their professional objectivity?

Join us at the Kellogg Biological Station for a two-day workshop as we explore this issue. Participants will get out in the field to hear about climate change and Great Lakes agriculture impacts, board boats to talk about the threat to inland waters and hunker down with small groups of their scientific and journalistic colleagues to talk about the promises and pitfalls inherent in creating new ways of connecting with their intended audiences and getting climate change back on the radar.

The workshop will promote an informal and collaborative atmosphere where attendees can brainstorm new methods and routes of communicating accurate, compelling and accessible stories about climate change to the public. There will be an opening dinner on June 8th.

Due to funding constraints, you MUST be a U.S-based journalist or scientist to apply.

Participants chosen to attend will have all expenses (travel, lodging, meals) covered.

To apply: Send a one-page letter of interest, current CV and clips of 1-3 climate-related scholarly articles, news stories, videos, photographs or multimedia projects by June 1st to

Call 608-630-5737 with questions, or write to

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