Underwater Sound Sources – 2019 Webinar Series

Event Date: 
September 18, 2019

This free, four-part webinar series on anthropogenic underwater sound sources is organized and hosted by the Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS).

  1. Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Seismic Sound Sources (Dr. Robert Gisiner)
  2. Wednesday, May 22, 2019: Pile-driving (Dr. James Miller and Dr. Kathleen Vigness-Raposa) and Wind Turbines (Dr. Jakob Tougaard)
  3. Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019: Commercial Vessel Traffic (Michelle Sanders)
  4. Thursday, Oct 10, 2019: Echosounders (Kelly Benoit-Bird) and Sonar (Frans-Peter Lam)

Each webinar will begin at 12:00 p.m. ET and last approximately 60 minutes and provide an update on current research efforts along with a review of noise mitigation measures, followed by an extended period of facilitated discussion. All webinars will be recorded and archived on the DOSITS website (Decision Makers Webinars). A summary of questions asked, and their answers, will be posted online after each webinar.

Prior to each webinar, an outline of the presentation(s), with links to relevant background content on DOSITS, will be made available. Participants are encouraged to review these outlines, as well as archived webinars on the potential effects of underwater sound on marine animals, before each sound source webinar.

Register here. For enquiries, please contact Holly Morin.

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