Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice on March 30, 2022

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March 30, 2022

Calling all Environmental Journalists and Academics

Announcing: The Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice on March 30, 2022

Everyone is concerned about climate change. But what can they do?

This necessary global teach-in is designed to raise climate education and just action to a new level.

We have watched record-breaking heatwaves, droughts, fires and floods, demonstrating how fast climate change impacts are hitting. At the same time, deployment of clean energy solutions like solar and wind is accelerating. Humanity is in a race to slow global warming.
The good news is: we can do a lot to secure the future.
That’s why there is nothing more important than informing the public through good journalism.   

And mobilizing teachers and students — from K-12 to universities — as well as faith leaders and their diverse communities, to support globally coordinated education about the climate crisis.
On March 30, 2022, we are organizing a Worldwide Teach-in on Climate and Justice, targeting participation by a million students across the planet.
Through the Worldwide Teach-in, climate-concerned faculty, staff and students can focus their campuses, communities and the world on the critical work we need to do to stabilize the climate and create a just and prosperous future.
For Journalists: There are many good local, national and international stories to pursue from now until March 30. For example, a significant feature of our global project is that participating faculty are not climate experts come from multiple disciplines — arts, literature, science, business, religion, engineering.
For Academics: We urge you to sign up and get your colleagues from all disciplines involved. Everyone can come to this project from their own expertise. Participation is easy, and we provide step by step directions on our website.
Here’s how to start:

  • Join us for a regular monthly informational session (next ones are Mar 1 or 2), which will explain how we are helping engage a million college, university and K-12 students—as well as community members and faith organizations. Register here for one of the information sessions (scroll down to see the March choices). The times are as follows:
    Hong Kong                10 AM
    Washington DC        9 PM (FEB 1) / 10 AM / 3 PM (FEB 2)
    Paris                            4 PM / 9 PM

In addition, here are key links to review for the Worldwide Teach-In:

For more information about Worldwide Teach-In for Climate and Justice and to arrange an interview with the founders and directors, please contact:
Dr. Eban Goodstein
Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability
David E. Blockstein, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director
Solve Climate by 2030
Rabbi Eric Greenberg
Communications & Outreach


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