"3 Ways The Midterms Will Transform Energy"

"Tuesday’s midterm elections may not have brought the seismic changes to Washington, D.C., that some pundits were expecting, but they resulted in surprising outcomes at the state level, with major implications for energy policy.

Voters in four states — Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota — gave Democrats trifectas in both legislative chambers and the gubernatorial seat. Democrats also held on to close gubernatorial races in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New York.

At the same time, Republican incumbents strengthened their position in some of the largest energy-producing states, including continuing a sweep of state-level races in Texas that stretches back nearly three decades (Energywire, Nov. 9)."

Jason Plautz, Miranda Willson, Mike Lee, and Kristi E. Swartz report for E&E News November 10, 2022.

Source: E&E News, 11/10/2022