"Advocates Demand US Suspend Weed-Killing Chemical That May Cause Cancer"

"Coalition alleges glyphosate, the most heavily applied herbicide in history, does not meet required safety standard set by federal law".

"Citing new scientific research, a coalition of farm worker, public health and environmental advocates on Wednesday filed a legal petition with US regulators demanding they immediately suspend authorization for the controversial weed-killing chemical called glyphosate.

The petition, filed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), alleges that the chemical does not meet the required safety standard set by federal law and the EPA has “no valid assessment demonstrating otherwise”.

If the EPA fails to address the petition, the groups said they will take the agency back to court, where the groups last year successfully garnered a judicial finding that the EPA’s most recent assessment of glyphosate was deeply flawed.

The legal petition comes less than 10 days after the publication of a new scientific study that lends fuel to critics who say glyphosate herbicide products can cause cancer."

Carey Gillam reports for the Guardian December 13, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 12/15/2023