African Climate Summit Seeks To Shift Focus To Finance From Floods, Famine

"NAIROBI - How to finance environmental priorities and shift the focus from Africa as victim of floods and famine will be central to the debate at the continent's first climate summit next week, while activists resist plans to expand carbon markets for funding.

African countries contribute only about 3% of global carbon emissions, according to U.N. figures, but are increasingly exposed to the impact of extreme weather linked to climate change, including the Horn of Africa's worst drought in decades.

A report last year by the non-profit Climate Policy Initiative found Africa has received only 12% of the finance it needs to cope with climate impacts.

"We aim to start changing the conversation from Africa the victim of hunger, famine and floods," said Kenyan Environment Minister Soipan Tuya ahead of the summit beginning on Monday in Nairobi."

Duncan Miriri reports for Reuters August 31, 2023.


"Factbox: What To Watch At Africa's First Climate Summit" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 09/01/2023